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Sunday, 8 April 2012

top 10 corruptions of INDIA

 The word scam and corruption have become synonymous with the campaign that Anna Hazare, along with his supporters, has undertaken.
These two words are, almost entirely, responsible for the political and social state that our country is in today. The entire nation suffered economically and faced humiliation because of the greed of a few individuals.

1. Indian Black Money Scam
Cost: Rs. 7,280,000 Crores
Face of the Scam: Hassan Ali Khan
This scam can be said to be the almost immediate cause of the anti-corruption movement being faced by the country. The revelation about the huge sums of money being stashed away in Swiss banks served as an impetus to rally against the government that had been ignoring it. The magnanimity of the situation came into focus when Indian businessman was arrested on money laundering charges which was to the tune of Rs. 39,120 crores.