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Friday, 27 April 2012

Our Political Leaders Should be Educated...!!!

The leaders of our countries can get their positions simply because they are good speakers. They may have been local organizers but be very articulate. Their character makes them popular, so they get selected to run for higher office.

Just because your family doctor is good, you wouldn't insist he do your brain surgery if he wasn't qualified. This should be the case with politicians.

Politicians, who seek higher office, should have to at least of completed certain courses. These courses could include ethics, World politics, national geography and perhaps military affairs. The only thing some politicians know about some of the areas they are to govern, is what they are told will attract votes, when they go there for their first time, for the interest in their campaign. They are often too involved in local affairs to notice what is going on else where in the world.

Politics is probably one of the only professions, where you can continue getting promotions without doing further studies. They would probably tell you they are far too busy to take time to study. Tell that to the medical interns, who have to make the time if they want to progress
  • Is Democracy, Hypocrisy?
 Democracy is supposed to be, what the majority want, however is this really the case. This is not aimed at any one particular country, as we find similar statistics around the world.
  •  What is the minimum education level a political leader must have?
In this period of globalization if we want a leader who can understand the Indian culture, value and needs of the Indian people and one who can also represent the country effectively at international level we need a leader who understands political science, time management, global market rules. so that progress can be achieved without compromising Indian values and lifestyle. We need a person who can communicate with national and international level with the same effectiveness. It is difficult to put it in 'One' degree but a college degree would be nicer than school dropouts.

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