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Friday, 22 June 2012

Top 10 awesome beds of world

 These are the most cool and sexy design of beds.

The forest bed for wild peoples..:p

 This is called the Facebooker bed with inbuilt computer table for accessing fb..:)
 The stand n sleep bed..the softest bed ever guys..

 Girlz its your dream bed i guess. This is the cinderella bed, but don't worry it won't get normal at mid night.
The gyro-bed.just hide yourself in it.

The grass bed. sleep on the grass..;-)

grass bed
The empty hot dog..:p

This is sort of like a giant sleeping bag ,one has a zipper blanket. .

The hanging-bed , but hey..beware  of mosquitoes.!!

techno bed
This is the techno-bed , now your mom can say you to switch off the tv and go to your bed. because you are already on your bed. This bed is for REST LOVERS.

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